Baby, It’s Cold Out There!

Sub zero temps have kept my brain frozen for over the past week. Okay, maybe not sub zero, but it did drop down into the teens last weekend. And we had snow twice in one week. My brain is frozen. Rock hard.

There’s nothing coming in or going out. Some people call it writer’s block. I’m sticking with the fact that my brain is frozen. Maybe sometime around spring I’ll have something witty, pithy or wise to say.

Then again, maybe my upcoming weekend will give me something to write about. I’m going on a high school girls’ retreat weekend. Remember, I teach 9th grade girls’ Sunday school, so “guess who” is going as a chaperone. I don’t really mind, except for the lack of sleep that is a usually a direct result of these types of events.  And I need my beauty sleep!

I’m really hoping there will be a bed for me to sleep in, because my 44 year old bones don’t really take well to sleeping on the floor. Of course with 17 teenage girls and 5 leaders there probably won’t be a lot of sleeping going on.

Great! I’ll be ugly and grumpy from lack of sleep and I’ll still have a frozen brain. Now that’s something to look forward to.



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3 responses to “Baby, It’s Cold Out There!

  1. Lisa

    Girl…..can’t do the lack of sleep, Don’t like sleeping on the hard floor either. But you have a good time girl! I know you will make it a fun one! Miss ya!

  2. Lisa

    BTW… and when did Lisa Whelchel get so skinny???…….

  3. Oh, I would love to have a frozen brain right now. It was 80 degrees here on Sunday! 80!!!
    The last couple of days have been upper 70’s. This has been the strangest winter (?) ever. If you can call it winter. We may have had three days below freezing. Not nearly enough for me.
    Have fun with the girls!

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