Shoo Flu – You’re Bothering Me

So we’ve had the flu in our house. Poor G has been sick with it since last Thursday.  I got the call from the school nurse that he was running a 99.9 temp and had a headache. I was thinking that he probably just had a little bug. The flu never crossed my mind.

Well, he got steadily worse and on Friday we headed to the doctor. After an official flu test, (which looked like a pregnancy test, because the strip turns pink if you have the flu – which I totally did not tell G, because I don’t think a 12 year old suffering from the flu needs to have it brought to his attention that his flu test looks like a pregnancy test. I’m just sayin’.) we received the results that G had tested positive for Type A flu. Oh, lucky day!

And in an effort, that cries desperation, to avoid catching the flu, I rolled up my sleeve and practically begged for a flu shot. Yes, I know that it takes up to a week to be effective but that whole “ounce of prevention” thing kept running through my head. Or was it “a stitch in time”…no, it was “a day late and a dollar short.”

Anyway, no one else (praise God) has come down with it yet. And we are praying that no one else does. Especially me and especially since I went through all the trouble pain to get  a flu shot.

You know what they say. “Early worm gets eaten by the bird.”

Or something like that.



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3 responses to “Shoo Flu – You’re Bothering Me

  1. Lisa

    I just love your humor and writing. I check your blog almost every other day. I’m bummed when there is nothing there!

    Luv u girl!

  2. VickiNicki

    I hope he’s feeling better! And I have great news! I killed a spider all by myself tonight! And it was a big one, too!! (Not quite tarantula size likes Mom’s, but big enough to be proud of myself.) I know that that’s irrelevant, but everyone else in the house is asleep, and I had to share with someone, cuz I didn’t have to call in a boy this time. I did it! Me, all by my lonesome. Yes, I’m good like that. Anyway, I’m glad to read that no one else as of now has come down with the flu. And I’ll keep you guys in my prayers. Love ya!

  3. FYI, there is a great homeopathic remedy called Gelsemium, that is specifically for the flu. You can find it in a local health food store, or sometimes in the organic section of your local grocery store. You can give one to your son, and give every one else one to stave off the flu.
    You’ll be amazed how well it works.
    I had the flu, took the Gelsemium, and within 15 minutes I was up doing the laundry. This is a life saver for stay at home moms!

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