Kissing 10 Years of Free Soft Scrub Good-Bye

I love Soft Scrub. It’s no secret. I use it all the time to clean my white, porcelain sink and to remove the (Kool-Ade, Gatorade, Crystal Light, fill in the blank) stains from my white, kitchen counters.

But today my supply of Soft Scrub ran out and for the first time in 10 years I was faced with the prospect of actually having to buy more. I know, you’re probably wondering why. Well, 10 years ago my husband was working for a specialty packaging company that took regular products and re-packaged them for sale in warehouse stores like Sam’s or Costco. If any of the products were damaged, in any way, during shipping, loading, unloading, etc., they could not be used. And the employees were allowed to take home the damaged products. 

That’s how I became the proud owner of an entire case of Soft Scrub. What did I care if it was damaged or not? It was SOFT SCRUB! With bleach! Oh, happy day. And that case has lasted me ten glorious years.

So, I was obviously more than a little sad when I squeezed the last drop of white, scrubbing power from its slightly damaged bottle. I reluctantly added the item to my shopping list for the next trip to Wal-Mart.

A decade of anything free is reason enough to be thankful. And I am. I’m thankful that I had 10 good years. And ten years with one cleaning product is longer than some marriages last these days. But now that our time together had come to a close, it was clear that I needed to move on.

So while shopping on the cleaning products aisle in Wal-Mart today, something caught my eye. It was a new product – well, new to me.  So I decided to be bold and try something new and different.

Say hello to my new friend…Soft Scrub Gel with Bleach. I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!



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3 responses to “Kissing 10 Years of Free Soft Scrub Good-Bye

  1. VickiNicki

    I’m glad that you are excited about your new cleaning product. I think the “Granny” in you may be coming out. Just saying…..

  2. i absolutely think it’s the coolest thing ever that you had a decade’s supply of a cleaning product!!!!!!

  3. Sis

    You can also try “Bar Keepers Friend”. Takes all the gray scratch marks off the sink. Don’t have a 10 year supply, or anything.

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