Where Are the Boys, Patsy Cline?

Well, my goodness. I have had over 500 hits on my blog over the past day or so from people looking for Patsy Cline singing “Where the Boys Are.”

Sorry folks. Patsy didn’t sing it. Connie Francis did.

It seems the other night on American Idol that Randy Jackson made a HUGE mistake while critiquing one of the gals after she sang “Where the Boys Are.” Randy said if she was going to scoop the notes like Patsy Cline did then she needed to nail the notes when she got here.  The only problem is – Pasty never sang the song. I should know! I’m a huge Pasty Cline fan. My karaoke collection says so.

The song “Where the Boys Are” is from the 1960 movie of the same title and it was sung wonderfully by the lovely Connie Francis. There was never a need for anyone to cover this song because Connie sang it in such a distinctive way that no one could improve on the original. I think the gal from American Idol found that out the hard way.

So welcome to all the fans of Patsy, Connie and “Where the Boys Are” who have stumbled upon my blog.

And, Randy, you’re right about one thing; nobody can sing them like Patsy!

Patsy Cline




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3 responses to “Where Are the Boys, Patsy Cline?

  1. Cindy

    I too watched American Idol that evening. Randy commented on Simon because he didn’t know a couple of songs like ‘I love you more today than yesterday’. I went to the record store and remembering buying that record. But then he didn’t know Connie Francis sang ‘Where the boys are’.
    I have her greatest hits CD and it is wonderful! I love the song ‘Where the boys are’. It’s so romantic to me.
    I knew right away Patsy Cline did not sing that song. It was after her time in the 60’s. I was telling my husband. I know she didn’t sing that song.
    Please give Connie her due because she has a voice like no other.

  2. Debbie Lemaster

    I don’t remember Randy saying anything about Patsy Cline singing “Where the boys are.” I know Simon did by saying the contestant didn’t have a country twang singing the song like Patsy Cline did. I was in awe when I heard that Patsy Cline sang the song because I always thought it was Connie Francis. Thank you for clearifying that

  3. I had to fast forward through that girl singing that song b/c she WASN’T good. Definitely not Patsy Cline or Connie Francis.
    So that movie is going to be on March 9th. I didn’t know it was from a movie. I just really liked the song. Now I’ll see the movie. Exciting.
    And this is kinda like how I get tons of hits every week from “God of Earth and Outer Space.”

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