The Anniversary Song


We celebrated 18 years on Sunday, February 24.

You’ve got to love the hair (mine) and the dress was “the dress” the minute I tried it on. In fact it was the first dress I tried on. Somehow in 1990 I thought that having a HUGE bow on my backside was somehow flattering. Who knew?

I forced invited our three boys to watch our wedding video. Yes, we actually had to hook up a VCR. And after 5 minutes they were totally bored. Our oldest even asked where he was during the ceremony. Hello, genius! Not born until 2 years later! Do the math.

So we fast forwarded to the reception which is where the real fun was. I won’t go into detail, but as my husband said, “When the bartender shows up in your reception video on the dance floor, it must have been a good party.” 

And indeed it was – party on!



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5 responses to “The Anniversary Song

  1. Sis

    Thanks for not going into detail!! And I heard it was a good party……..

  2. Sis

    Oh, Happy Anniversary!! Love you guys!

  3. Adorable bow. And hair!!!
    Oh, the 90’s. Good to know we don’t have to go back!

  4. Lisa

    LOVE IT! Happy Anniversary!

    Isn’t it weird that Oldies stations are now playing 80s music! It won’t be long until the 90s are the oldies too!

  5. that is one video i would like to see!

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