Deep Fried Thoughts

Ever since a friend of mine told me about this recipe, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. In no shape or form can this be good for you, but it sounds wickedly delicious. So for all you oreo loving folks out there, and you know who you are, wrap your mind around this one:

Deep Fried Oreos

Dip oreos in pancake batter, then place in a frying pan or deep fryer of oil heated to approximately 375 degrees. Fry until golden brown flipping to make sure both sides are cooked. Remove and drain on towel. Eat while warm.

I would add a sprinkle of powdered sugar if it were me or a couple of scoops of ice cream would probably be appropriate as well. I’m just saying.

If you happen to try this recipe out before I do, let me know how they turn out. In the mean time I’m going to introduce my friend Hungry Jack to my good friend Nabisco!



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4 responses to “Deep Fried Thoughts

  1. while i am deeply obsessed with oreos, this one may take eating to believe that it tastes good. i like pure, unadulterated oreos. if you make them, save one for me!

  2. Sis

    Ok, ok……..I had doubts. BIG doubts. But I give. They were good – like a once every 6 months kind of good – but very tasty. I’ll now be looking for our next “Deep Fried Adventure”! Oh Google…………

  3. VickiNicki

    Yummy!!! They are oh-so-good!!

  4. Sis

    Got it!!! Cheesecake……that’s right, fried cheesecake. I’d figure that’s worth clogging an artery for. What do you think?

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