I’m A Disappointment to My Reading Audience

I know I’ve been absent from the blogging world. It is not from a lack of desire of wanting to write. It’s just a lack of time and memory. I’ve composed entire blogs in my head, only to forget them once I sit down to write.

So for a lack of anything else that I can come up with, here is a list of random things I’ve been thinking about lately:

  1. Fried Oreos– These are possibly one of the most decadent dessert items I’ve ever had and I can’t stop thinking about them.
  2. Spring Break – I’m taking a few days off to be with my boys and hang out with them around the house. I’m really looking forward to it.
  3. Hair Coloring – I’m wondering if I should go back and have my hair professionally colored or if I should just get a do-it-yourself kit and try it at home.
  4. Lost – I’m a huge fan of the TV show and I really want some answers to the nagging questions that keep coming up in the show week after week.
  5. Back to my hair – I’m trying to decide if I want to cut it short again or grow it out. Just for the record, my husband likes it long so that could influence my decision.
  6. Thailand – I have an opportunity to go on a mission trip to Thailand in September/October and I’m praying about it. It’s very hard on my family when I’m gone for any length of time. I’m trying to not let that influence my decision and really hear what God would have me do.

So there you have it. A few of the things running through my mind at the moment. I’m open to any advice, thoughts or comments any of you might have on these or any unrelated subjects.

I’m off to tuck boys into bed now and to compose a few more blog entries in my head that hopefully will make it onto my site this week.


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One response to “I’m A Disappointment to My Reading Audience

  1. Sis

    Thailand – tell me more about this. You know I’m always up for a road trip 🙂 (or plane trip, or boat trip……)

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