Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness Except When You’re Out of Soap

I would like to pass along a valuable lesson that I’ve learned recently. In fact, if I could go on TV and do one of those public service announcements, I would be totally willing to do so. Just to safeguard my readers from making the same mistake I made.

In recent weeks, I stayed overnight in someone else’s home as a part of a student ministry event at our church. Our host home provided a comfortable bed and I even had a private bathroom. As I readied myself for bed and prepared to shower, I realized that I had not brought any bath soap, body wash or shampoo. (It’s not uncommon in our household to substitute shampoo for body wash in an emergency. Soap is soap, right?)


When I looked in the shower and saw a bottle of shampoo on the ledge of the tub, I figured all my bathing worries were over. I would simply use a little shampoo for body wash. (At this point I also need to point out that I am blind as a bat without glasses or contacts, and since you don’t normally wear glasses in the shower and I had taken my contacts out, I was at that moment the proverbial bat.)

Two words: “Invigorating Menthol”

Those were the two words that, had I been able to read the bottle, would have alerted me to the fact that this shampoo was best avoided as a body wash. Because there are some parts of the human anatomy that do not need, want or wish to be anywhere near “invigorating menthol”.

I’m just sayin’.




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5 responses to “Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness Except When You’re Out of Soap

  1. Suzanne Mc

    That made me laugh out loud!

  2. Oh, that’s funny! I cringe at the thought of invigorating menthol all over… in places unmentionable!
    Love the new look!

  3. Helen

    OMG — too funny!! LOL…

  4. Jennifer

    The funniest thing is that your host probably had a ton of those little hotel shampoo/body wash bottles in her linen closet, in her bathroom, in her room where she was fast asleep! Next time she has guests, she should put some of those out for those that forgot to bring their stuff. Afterall, that is why she took them from the hotel in the first place!

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