When It’s Time to Change, You’ve Got to Rearrange

Well, by now you can see I’ve spent a few hours updating, moving, changing and re-designing the old, blog site. It had been the same for quite a while, so I really thought it was time for a fresh, new look.

We have also started a rather large re-arranging project here at the house. We have decided that it’s time for all three boys to have their own bedrooms. I knew this day would come, and I was just waiting for them to let us know when they were ready.

A few months ago, the middle boy, G, did just that when he announced at dinner one night that he was tired of sharing a room with his younger brother. I think he referred to him as a slob. I could hardly argue with him and realizing that these two were starting to really rub each other the wrong way more and more, the timing seemed right.

We discussed in length who would get which room and what it would take to make this move happen. (It involves moving the contents of 4 rooms!) Once everyone was agreeable, we decided to target Spring Break week for the “big move”.

Well, this week is Spring Break so we have begun the process. Yesterday, we (and when I say we, I really mean hubby did all this work) got all their electronics (tv, video games, computer, etc.) moved to a room in the basement that wasn’t being utilized to its fullest potential. Then J moved into the room upstairs where all this “stuff” came from. G moved into M’s old room and M moved into the biggest bedroom which is the one J and G used to share.

Everyone still with me? I know. My head is spinning, too.

Well, suffice it to say that everyone slept in their “new” rooms last night and we are now making plans about how to paint and decorate everyone’s “new” room so that it properly reflects the personality of the new resident.

We’ve decided that all J has to do is dump some toys out on the floor and throw some dirty laundry about and he’ll be right at home. G is just glad he doesn’t have to deal with J’s decorating tastes and M is laughing at everyone because he’s got the biggest room.

I know. I’m overwhlemed by the brotherly love, too.

And in case the title of this post sounds familiar, take a stroll down memory lane by watching this video.



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