Dancing with the B-List Stars

So I watched my first ever episode of Dancing With the Stars. The curiosity finally got the best of me and since I’ve managed to miss out on this water cooler conversation inspiring show, I decided to give it a look.


And I have to say – I don’t get it.


Okay, okay. Before all you “dancing” fans crawl all over me, let me say that I know it takes hard work, lots of practice and more than a little nerve. And that’s just to squeeze into those tight dance costumes. I appreciate the fact that not just anyone can succeed at ballroom dancing. There were several examples of that on the show last night.


I guess I’m just not impressed by the “stars” themselves. This season’s 12 celebrity dancers are:

  1. Marlee Matlin, the first deaf actress to win an Academy Award
  2. Penn Jillette, magician and comedian, and one-half of the famous team known as Penn & Teller
  3. Marissa Jaret Winokur, Tony Award winner for Hairspray
  4. Adam Carolla, radio personality who was the co-host of Loveline and co-star of The Man Show
  5. Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic gold medal-winning figure skater
  6. Cristián De La Fuente, Chilean telenovela heartthrob
  7. Monica Seles, professional tennis player and infamous grunter
  8. Mario, R&B singer
  9. Steve Guttenberg, movie star
  10. Jason Taylor, NFL All-Star
  11. Shannon Elizabeth, actress known best for American Pie
  12. Priscilla Presley, actress once married to Elvis

Evidently, three of them have already been voted off.


When I read over the list, I really only recognized about half of the names, and the sad thing is the most recognizable one is because she was married to a famous, dead, rock and roll singer. It makes me wonder what the criteria is that this show uses to deterine if someone is a “star”?


Tonight, they say “someone will go home”, but I’ll have to take a pass on watching the elimination show. I just don’t have time in my life for a show that promises “stars” and only delivers “twinkles”.


Besides I’ve got some TiVoed episodes of Celebrity Apprentice to catch up on.



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3 responses to “Dancing with the B-List Stars

  1. Sis

    Want me to tell you who wins “Celebrity Apprentice”?? It would be such a sisterly thing to do………..

  2. Lisa

    Yeah, I already know who wins too. That is one of the very few shows I actually watch….besides Intervention, Medium, AI, and a few episodes of Dancing with the Stars….not much impressed either actually.

  3. Suzanne Mc

    I’m with ya…I don’t get all the hype. I’ve tried to watch it, but it just doesn’t hold my attention. Translation: it’s REALLY boring!

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