The One Where I Explain What Happened to the Bottle of Beer

Ok! So many of you have asked what happened to the bottle of beer. That I brought home.  To bake beer bread with.


Never mind that in that same post I also said that I brought home a new puppy! Do you people even care about the new puppy?


No. Evidently not, because not a single one of you has asked about her, but you’ve all wanted to know what happened to the bottle of beer.


Well, Ellie is doing fine. Thank you for asking. Ellie is the puppy, for those of you that have forgotten, but have remembered that the brand of beer I brought home was Coors Light.


Did you know that Coors Light puts labels on their bottles that have a picture of the Rocky Mountains and when the beer gets cold the mountains turn blue? Well, they do. I was so amazed at this beer technology that for several days I took the bottle out of the refrigerator and sat it on the counter. Let it get warm. And then put it back into the refrigerator. Just to watch the label turn colors.


My life is exciting.


And you people are not the only ones interested in knowing what happened to the beer. The day that it disappeared, Hubby came home, went to the fridge and immediately noticed that the beer was missing.


Now, I could have cleaned out the refrigerator and thrown every outdated and expired food item away, which would have sadly left my refrigerator empty, and Hubby would have never even noticed. But the one lone beer, that I’ve been re-refrigerating over the past few days just to watch the mountains turn blue, ends up missing and Mr. CSI is on the case.


So, here’s the deal. And it’s not very exciting. I actually poured the beer down the drain in the kitchen sink. End of story. End of beer. Now you guys don’t have to worry anymore about me being tempted by the Coors Brewing Company.


Although, I am going to miss those blue mountains!



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2 responses to “The One Where I Explain What Happened to the Bottle of Beer

  1. Lisa

    Okay, first of all, I think I certainly did ask about Ellie, BEFORE I asked about the beer, soooo…… But I could actually hear some men (and possible women) groooooan just thinking about that perfectly good beer being poured down the drain! Not me, of course. Being such a good Christian and all. Okay, okay. I just don’t like beer.

  2. 1. I’m absolutely amazed by this label magic and now wish that ALL companies were so ingenious.
    2. Have to admit…I forgot about the puppy even though I see the pic just about every day. And I thought at first that you might have named the beer, Ellie.
    3. This was a really good story.

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