Special Guest Writer Week

You know how sometimes Live with Regis & Kelly will have a special, guest co-host? And you know how you feel sort of guilty that you’re enjoying the guest host a little more than you probably do the regular host?

Well, I hope you feel a little guilty next week when you find yourself enjoying my guest writers a little more than me. That’s right. I have lined up a special treat for my readers. Next week is Special Guest Writer Week here at Where the Boys the Are. I even have a guest photographer lined up for Wordless Wednesday.

These are all folks who (to my knowledge) do not have their own blogs but have, I believe, something to say that is worth reading. My goal is provide them a forum and to provide you with a break from me some fresh, new thoughts from writers I believe to be very talented.

So, make sure you stop by each day next week to check out what my guests have to say. Some of them have asked to remain anonymous and others will be using pen names. Which is sort of redundant, because if you are using a pen name, chances are you’ll remain anonymous. Unless something happens like that whole Stephen King/Richard Bachman thing.

Anyway, enjoy my guests next week. leave them some love in the comments, because you know how we bloggers love our comments, and I’ll make sure to pass them along to my guests.

So enjoy, but don’t enjoy them too much. I would hate for you to have to deal with all that guilt you’ll be feeling.



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7 responses to “Special Guest Writer Week

  1. I am very excited about reading this week!

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