The Mystery of the Empty Egg and other Miscellaneous Missing Items

Okay, back to Special Guest Writer Week. Thanks for indulging me yesterday as we celebrated a special birthday. Today you get hear from the birthday boy’s mother herself. Sometimes I forget what’s it’s like to have a preschooler around the house, but then Sis reminds me. And once again it makes me really glad it’s her and not me!



Some months ago, someone (and I don’t remember who) bought my 4 year old a small canister filled with a pink gel/putty substance.  Now, what makes this gel/putty stuff special, and supposedly fun, is that when you mash it down into the canister it makes a noise.  This noise is similar to a bodily noise that, shall we say, might come from the southern region of the body.  Delicate enough?  I thought so. 


After many days of fun and giggles, I found the canister.  Empty.  I asked, he shrugged, I asked, he said, “I dont know.”


Fast forward a few months.  Enter into my life, I mean my 4 year old’s life, a pink egg.  Yep, you know the one.  The Silly Putty Egg. (And by the way, I KNOW who bought this one, and I keep it fresh in his mind!)  A fun day was had by all teaching said 4 year old to smush, bounce, squeeze, shape, and I even believe a newspaper got involved.  Although, I think I remember it not working so well on black and white comics – you really need color comics.  But anyway, the next morning while tidying up, I find half an egg.  Yep, you got it!  Empty.  Sigh.  I ask. He says, “I don’t know.” I ask. He shrugs.


That was a busy week.  You know the kind, where you just toss up the covers instead of actually making the bed every morning.  Keep in mind, all the while, I’m still asking, and he’s still shrugging.  After several days of “making” the bed in this fashion, I notice that the covers have become lopsided.  I set in to actually make the bed.  I throw back the comforter to straighten the sheet.Only, the two seem to move as one.  I peel them apart, and what do I see?




All over, between the sheet and comforter.  After my initial investigation, I conclude that this is indeed, Silly Putty.


I call down the stairs to my precious 4 year old telling him to come to my room.  He arrives, I call him over to the side of the bed.  I ask him if he sees anything.  He looks around asking, “What?” 


Then, he spots it.  He freezes. Doesn’t move a muscle, and stays that way for a long few seconds.  I’m watching his face, and he has a complete look of “uh-oh” written all over it.  I can tell the wheels are spinning, and before I know what hit me, he spins around with a huge smile on his face and in the most excited voice exclaims, “We found it!” 


I lost it.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  He totally saved himself with his quick thinking. And his cuteness.


And, just so you know, I googled Silly Putty removal.  It is suggested to scrape the globs off, then use WD-40 to get the pink out, then use alcohol to get the WD-40 out, then launder to get the alcohol out. 


Or, place in garbage bag, and go shopping. Which is exactly what I did.


It’s now been 6 months or so, and as you know, the silly putty mystery has been solved. But remember that noisy gel/putty substance?  I still ask every now and then. He still shrugs.  It still has not made its reappearance, although I do still hear it around here occasionally.


TMI?  I thought so, too.


Have a good day ya’ll.  



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3 responses to “The Mystery of the Empty Egg and other Miscellaneous Missing Items

  1. I think I like your method of Silly Putty removal better. Especially the shopping part!

  2. haha Love your method!!

  3. hahahahhaha…little boys are great!

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