The Constantly Killing Things Gardener

I do NOT have a green thumb. That’s why I went and bought green gardening gloves. I thought it might help, because I am desperately trying to uphold the family tradition of successfully growing flowers around the house.

 My grandmother did it. My mother did it. And I am trying to do it.

I’m not sure what has sparked this interest for me lately, but I’m pretty sure a lot of it has to do with the creative aspect of gardening. I  love picking out the colors and textures and planning where I’m going to place the flowers in my flowers beds.

So I can watch them die.

I think the other thing that has inspired me to try my hand at gardening is that it gives me a chance to do something outside with the boys – that doesn’t involve sports. Which would involve me having to run around and perspire. Not my first choice. And they love the opportunity to play in the dirt and spray the hose. Come to think of it, they’re not really interested in gardening or doing something with me outside.

I do seem to have better luck with things I plant in the ground as opposed to house plants. I can kill a house plant in a matter of days. I don’t even have to do anything. Of course that could be part of the problem – the fact that I’m not doing anything. The plants outside have a fighting chance because it is likely that they will get plenty of sunlight and if the weather cooperates they’ll get a little rain, so watering isn’t much of an issue. The house plants are at an extreme disadvantage because they have to rely on me for those things. Thank goodness for silk plants – which is just a really nice way of saying fake.

I guess I’ll keep on trying and perhaps someday I’ll get the knack of this gardening thing. I probably need to face the fact that I may never develop a green thumb.

Thank goodness for green gardening gloves, huh?



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5 responses to “The Constantly Killing Things Gardener

  1. VickiNicki3387

    What a witty title! Who woulda thought to do a play off the title of that movie, “The Constant Gardener”? Very clever. 😉

  2. Melinda

    And that is exactly why I do not garden indoors or outdoors! I hate the sense of loss.

  3. Sis

    Whenever Mom stops by, she makes sure my flowers are tended to. Otherwise, I’d have to go buy some green gloves…..

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