I Didn’t Know My Roses Were Expecting

My Mother’s Day was pretty low key – just the way I like them. Hubby grilled out steaks and we had steamed asparagus along with some yummy sauteed onions and portabello mushrooms. My favorite meal at my favorite place to eat – HOME!

I celebrated Mother’s Day with my mom on Saturday. We had lunch together and did a little shopping. I usually like to buy my own Mother’s Day gift, thus making sure I get exactly what I want. This year I had decided I wanted some new PJ’s and I found these really comfy jammies from the Vera Wang line at Kohl’s. They are ultra soft and I heart them. And they were on sale!

We also spent some time discussing flowers and my attempts at gardening. She was admiring my flower gardens and proceeded to compliment me on my “knocked up roses.”


I said, “Mother, I think you mean knockout roses.” She said, “Oh, yeah. Same thing.”

At which point I had to explain that there was actually a big difference between the two. Once she caught on we had a good laugh and I told her she would probably want to make sure she didn’t make the same mistake again. It might be embarrassing.

We’ve sort of learned to live with and laugh at mom’s verbal faux pas. She actually has a long history of mixing up words or mispronouncing them. She once went around telling people for about 4 months that my brother was going on a mission trip to Hades. When in fact he was headed to Haiti, and thankfully he wasn’t going to be traveling in a hand basket. What was really amusing was that very few people corrected her. They would just smile and nod with a somewhat puzzled look on their face.

I’m hopeful that any confusion over my roses has been cleared up and I hope that mom doesn’t go around telling people about my “knocked up roses”. But if she does, I’m sure they’ll just smile and ask when they’re due.



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3 responses to “I Didn’t Know My Roses Were Expecting

  1. Sis

    Now that’s funny!! Life would be dull without her.

  2. Yeah, we need to compile our list of “Phyllis Phonics” and get them down in writing!

  3. Sis

    I’m going to have to go buy a rose bush just so I can call it that. I think this might be one of the best yet! Well, after Hades, of course.

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