I Don’t Ask For Much

If someone could invent a yogurt container that you could open without splattering half the contents on yourself, I would be a happy girl.

I like yogurt and I know it’s sort of good for you. Of course I’m not talking about the frozen This Can’t Be Yogurt kind of yogurt that I spent one whole summer back in 1988 eating and convincing myself that it was healthy. It wasn’t. And as much as I wanted to believe that the frozen, white chocolate, mousse yogurt was good for me, I think we all know it wasn’t.

I’ve seen that episode of Seinfeld.

Someone said the other day that if you eat the stuff long enough, all the different flavors of yogurt begin to taste the same. I would probably agree, but that’s because I only buy one flavor of yogurt all the time – strawberry. I don’t like any of the others.

I don’t even really have a brand preference. All I really want is an easy-opening,  non-splatter lid on my yogurt containers because I’m really tired of going through my day with yogurt stains on my shirt and pants.

If someone were to come up with that then I would be shouting the same words as Newman.

“I’ve been waiting for something like this my whole life and it’s finally here.”



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2 responses to “I Don’t Ask For Much

  1. I only eat the non-fat ice cream type of yogurt. Is that really yogurt? It’s as close as I will get to yogurt.

  2. And if they could make a container of baby food that doesn’t splat at you at the same time, I would appreciate that!

    I have too many other reasons for wearing baby food!

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