Twisting the Night Away

This past Tuesday night a tornado made its way through my Sister’s neighborhood. Thankfully their home only had minor damage. Tomorrow will be a big clean up day and everyone in our family will be there to help.

The aftermath is hard to describe.

The Sounds:

  • Chain saws buzzing
  • News helicopters hovering overhead
  • Power company trucks rumbling down the street
  • Neighbors’ voices calling to one another


  • The sharp, unpleasant smell of pine trees split in half
  • Coffee brewing in a pot powered by a neighbor’s generator because the electricity is out


  • Trees snapped in half
  • Leaves stuck to the houses
  • Broken glass
  • Hail that hasn’t melted
  • Dented cars
  • Homes missing parts of their roofs
  • Neighbors helping neighbors




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2 responses to “Twisting the Night Away

  1. Oh wow! Good luck and stay safe!

  2. Sis

    Yet another Saturday spent listening to the buzz of chainsaws. Better than the non-stop helicopters, though. Apparently, the “shady” characters are out and about. It’s been an interesting ride………

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