There’s No Room Service Either – Summer Camp Part 2

After accepting the fact that our accommodations were going to be less than comfortable for the week, we settled in for our first night of restless sleep. I don’t know about you, but when I’m hot I have a very difficult time sleeping. Imagine 25 women having a difficult time sleeping. All at once. In the same ONE room cabin. With bunk beds stacked three high. And did I mention there was no air conditioning?

Amazingly, there was little complaining going on – out loud, anyway. Besides everyone was busy swatting away the mosquitoes and moths that had made themselves at home in our quaint little cabin. As I sprayed myself with protective bug spray and tried to fall asleep that first night, my thoughts turned to all the families around the world who would be losing the fight against malaria carrying mosquitoes that claim the lives of a million people each year.

In that moment I was grateful for the hot cabin we had to sleep in and I was even more grateful for the home I was missing terribly.

To be continued…

For more information on how you can help provide resources to families around the world who are fighting  malaria and the mosquitoes that carry it, check out Malaria Intervention at Compassion International.




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3 responses to “There’s No Room Service Either – Summer Camp Part 2

  1. Lisa

    As I was reading, I was just thinking about all the the mosquito bites that Taylor will come home with this week!

  2. love the inclusion of helping people w/ malaria!

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