There’s No Place like Home – Summer Camp Final Installment

So, I survived my 7 days and 6 nights of summer camp. There were moments when I thought I would break down and go into the ugly cry, but I was able to hold it together until I got home.

As soon as I walked through the door of my lovely, I-will-never-take-for-granted-again, air-conditioned home, I headed for the shower. The first HOT shower that I had had in a week. It was there, in the comfort and security of my own bathroom, that the tears finally started to flow. And they didn’t stop easily. At one point Hubby stuck his head in the door and asked if I was okay. I calmly told him I just need some time to myself and promptly went back to sobbing uncontrollably as soon as he left.

I’m not sure where the tears came from but there seem to be plenty of them. I was tired, happy to be home, hungry, dirty and I just wanted to sleep in my own bed where I was more than 100% sure I wouldn’t be attacked by bugs during the night.

I won’t lie. It was a rough week for me – physically, mentally, emotionally. The mission work part of the trip was very rewarding and I was very proud of how hard all of our students worked to serve others. We had fun, made memories, played pranks on each other, laughed at inside jokes and brought back stories that will be told and re-told for months to come.

Our group of students grew closer to each other during the week and proved they were capable of doing things way outside of their comfort zones. They encouraged each other and were an encouragement to me personally. In fact, I never could have completed the high ropes course at the camp site without all of them cheering me on.









See – I have proof!

I learned through the course of the week that I am stronger than I thought I was. But I also know that this strength is not my own; otherwise I would have come home crying on the second day. My strength comes from another source. A much more reliable source. A never ending source.

Where does your strength come from?

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”




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6 responses to “There’s No Place like Home – Summer Camp Final Installment

  1. Wow I adore your writing this was so well written and inspiring

  2. Jennifer

    Wow! Great article.

  3. Sis

    Awesome! Glad you went. Love the helmet……

  4. Lisa

    Wow — ALMOST wish I went too….(notice the ALMOST part). So glad you had such a wonderful time Jackie and that you all came home in one piece!

  5. amen….thanks so much for the honesty of the post. God works in amazing ways.

  6. I would have cried, too. 🙂

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