Eight Legged Freak

WARNING: If you are the least bit squeamish or have any type of bug phobias, especially of the eight-legged kind, I am giving you fair warning that you should probably STOP reading this post now!


No, I really mean it because further down this page there will be pictures that you may find disturbing.


Okay, you’ve been warned!

And, also, if you are just here for the Wordless Wednesday pictures, you can scroll down and skip the story – although, you may want to read about the spider you are about to view. This ain’t no Charlotte’s Web!



Last fall I received a phone call from my dear Sis. I can usually tell, just from her hello, what kind of mood she is in. From this hello, I could tell something was really wrong.  I could also tell that she was trying very hard to not let on that something was really wrong. When her second sentence was, “Uh, where’s your husband”, I knew something was very definitely wrong.


You see, as close as we are, Sis doesn’t regularly ask specifically about Hubby; let alone ask about his whereabouts. It is important, at this point, that you know that Hubby works for a major exterminator and pest control company as an operations manager and has access to some kick-butt, bug killing chemicals.


Come to find out, that was exactly what Sis needed that day – access to some kick-butt, bug killing chemicals. Specifically for a very large spider that had taken up residence on the edge of her kitchen table.


Through her hysterical sobs over the phone she was able to explain that a large spider – no make that a VERY large spider was in her house and she was not able to move or stop watching the spider until someone came and killed it.  One – she was too scared to walk by the spider and two – she was afraid the spider would run off and be loose in her house never to be found and killed.


And we all know the only good, large, scary spider is a dead, large, scary spider.


To his credit, my Hubby dropped everything and went to rescue Sis from the large, scary spider. I was like a 911 operator, as I kept her talking on the phone until he arrived to dispense with said spider; using his kick-butt bug killing chemicals.


I was fairly sympathetic to Sis’ situation, but you know what they say about walking a mile in another person’s shoes or having a large, scary spider of your very own to be able to really understand another person’s situation. In this case it was the latter.


Sunday night, after walking the dogs and coming back into the house and having walked passed a very large and scary spider – TWICE! I looked up on the wall of my front porch and saw this…………


Don’t look if you are spooked easily.


I’m not kidding.





When I saw this, I immediately yelled for Hubby and told him to “come armed”. When he saw our un-welcomed visitor, I think his exact words were “holy cr@p”. He has a way with words; especially when he’s faced with very large, scary spiders.


My words were more to the point: “Kill it!”




Now I know there are going to be those of you who say “live and let live”, but I do not subscribe to “catch and release” protocol where very large, scary spiders are concerned. I wanted to make sure this “thing” never had a chance to make its way into my house and take up residence on the edge of MY kitchen table.


Evidently, that is one thing Sis and I agree on whole heartedly.


So, Hubby came to the rescue, once again, and using his kick-butt bug killing chemicals, sent this very large, scary spider to that place where very large, scary spiders go when they cease to be very large. And scary. And spiders. You know. When they’re DEAD!


I have a new found respect for my sister’s spider phobia. In fact she told me she probably wouldn’t be reading this post and she most definitely would not be looking at the pictures; too many painful memories of her own large, scary spider.


And that’s ok. I understand.


I just think it’s really odd that we both had a run in with very large, scary spiders. And neither of us lives near a toxic waste dump.


Go figure.



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21 responses to “Eight Legged Freak

  1. Lisa

    Oh, wow. What kind of spider is that? I agree – the only good spider is a dead spider!

  2. WOW that is one big spider. my husband could not look at it. He didn’t want a panic attack before going to work.

  3. Ugh… I loathe spiders. Happy ww!

  4. Holy mackerel! That thing was HUGE!

  5. Oh gross! I know you warned us, but I had to look! I’ll have nightmares tonight… I would’ve been running away screaming!

  6. Cute specimen! My kids would have bottled the poor thing, examined it to death, and given it a name. Me? I would have taken off my shoe and flatened it! Then I would have gone and got bug bombs and set them off inside the house. She had to have layed her eggs somewhere! So there must me more, right?

  7. OH WOW! It’s beautiful in a creapy way but I wouldnt want to see it.

  8. VickiNicki

    AAHH!!! I could’ve had one of those in my bed had Mom not found ours!!!!

  9. i think the spider is wearing armour

  10. VickiNicki3387

    I had to come back for another look, cuz it’s been in the back of my mind all day. But in the second picture, is it oozing some green stuff from it’s side?!

  11. Oh man, I think I would have fainted as soon as I saw that thing! Ewwww!

  12. Holy moly, that thing is huge! I couldn’t tell at first until I looked at the brick, and the size of the spider compared to the brick! Holy moly!

    Thanks for visiting my WW!!

  13. OHH EWW! You warned me and I so didnt listen! EWW!

  14. Eek! Glad your husband had his awesome bug killing chemicals! Spiders are icky!

    Happy WW!

  15. Wow that is one big spider. Gald we don’t have those here! We actually have cool pet spiders in our garden that we watch grow and catch prey but they are no where near that big and they are so far from our house I doubt they would come in.

  16. Sis

    I had to have VickiNicki get me here so I wouldn’t see the pictures, but I had to comment. Now, can you make it go away?????


  17. i was witness to my mother freaking out as she was putting towels and a little surprise into the dryer yesterday…a dead scorpion…she was immobilized until a knight in shining armour came to rescue her. i thought of you and smiled.

  18. You know, when we were looking to move out of NYC, I wanted to move to Boston and my husband wanted to move to Arizona. I refused to move to Arizona for the exact reasons (and more) that you have posted on this very blog.

    I’ll take a huge city cockroach any day over a spider or more.

  19. Um…the size doesn’t matter…look at the abdominal wall on that thing…it could eat a kid. You win. No contest. My spider doesn’t eat small children.

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