The Boys of the Season Between Winter and Autumn


sum·mer /[suhm-er]


  1. the season between spring and autumn
  2. a period of hot, usually sunny weather

We are winding down our last two weeks of summer break. School will resume on August 3 and soon we will be back to our “routine” of homework and school activities.

Summer has slipped by with its usual casualness, and for me summer is over.
Yes, I know that most calendars still says it’s summer. My word, the heat index definitely says it’s still summer, but summer is all but forgotten for me once the boys go back to school. When that big, yellow bus starts rumbling down the street every weekday morning, summer ceases to exist for me. It would seem the school calendar has taken precedence over the Gregorian calendar in our household.


Until cooler weather prevails, sometime around the end of September or the middle of October, the current season will only be known as “Hot”. Of course there will be those 3 weeks in August when the official season is known as “Too Darn Hot”. 


I don’t make up the school calendar; I just have to live by it.


(EDITED: My lovely niece reminded me that I had forgotten to include spring as a season in my title for this post. On one hand she is right. I did forget, but I think I also overlooked spring because it is so short-lived here. It seems most years we go directly from winter to summer with little transitional weather between. But thanks for keeping me straight, Vicki Nicki!)



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6 responses to “The Boys of the Season Between Winter and Autumn

  1. Lisa

    I totally agree. I don’t even like August. The whole darn month is too hot!

  2. Sis

    It’s already “too darn hot” and it’s still July!! Summer is just too short.

  3. VickiNicki

    Wait just a “hot” second there! What happened to spring?! Has spring been forgotten in the seasonal mix?! Tragic…..simply tragic……

  4. thank you for your comment ~ the song is a Vineyard song demo — I found it free on the net one day~ the vocalist is Brian Thiessen. I hope that is helpful – it is a wonderful song and has been so meaningful to me … blessings to you~

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  6. WOW…. We don’t go back to school until September 2nd…. then again, our summer doesn’t officially start until June 20th and we are lucky to put away our winter gloves and hats by July 4th and even still we keep them around because you NEVER KNOW. So here we are, July 29th and we have had only three weeks of hot and warm. I read a blog somewhere that noted we only had FIVE weekends until Summer was over… geeze…

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