Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve had people ask me if we were still going to “try” for a girl. Well, folks – we were never “trying” for a girl in the first place. I just wanted to have a few babies.

Actually, that’s not quite true. If you were to rewind to my early and mid twenties you would find me quite content working on my career and enjoying life. Sure, I wanted to get married, but I didn’t have a burning desire to be a mother.

It was only after a couple of years of marriage that I started to feel the slightest tug towards motherhood. And that was probably only because all my friends were doing it. And, yes, I know that doesn’t make it right.

But nevertheless, I found myself in the position of being a mom and I liked it. Not only was I a mom, but I was the mom of a son. Then we decided to have number two. And, yes, the thoughts and hopes of it being a girl were clearly on my mind. I can admit that, but when we found out it was another boy, I was just as happy. After all, can you say hand-me-downs?

So we were done. Hubby was content with two. Initially I tried to convince him that we should “try” for a third, because it “might” be a girl. No, he was content with two. And I became content with two.

Two made us a family of four. That meant booth seating. A parent for each child. Traveling in pairs. Two was good.

Then there was the time I should have been paying more attention to the Gregorian calendar than the school calendar. And then there were three. I remember crying when I first found out I was pregnant with number three. I was happy with two. Two was good.

But three was better.

There was that moment in the doctor’s office when we were having our sonogram, to find out if it was a girl or a boy, that the words, “It’s a boy” were hanging in the air. My husband squeezed my hand and said, “I’m sorry.”

Sorry? For making me the mother of three, wonderful boys? Sorry was hardly the proper response. I later found out that my Hubby had had his own dreams of ribbons and bows and cheerleading outfits. But three was better and three boys was the best.

Today those three boys are 16, almost 13 and 9, and I still get comments about how we should “go for a girl.” That ain’t happening people. One, because we feel strongly that our family is complete and two, I’m too old for that baby business. And three, well just suffice it to say that our family is complete. 

I’ve also had people tell me they are sorry for me that I have all boys. Sorry? For me? Please! I love having all boys! And the best is when people say that there is a “special place” in heaven for moms with all boys. Well, finally something good out of all this. It’s nice to know that I’ll be living it up in the penthouse suite while the rest of y’all will be living in heaven’s version of subsidised housing.

Don’t feel sorry for me, people. I am happy and content to be the mother of all boys. They are wonderful young men and thanks to their father’s leadership and guidance, they treat me like a queen. Besides that, I’ve heard that raising boys is quite a bit cheaper than raising girls. I also don’t have to deal with the whining and drama that I hear most daughters bring to the equation.

So, no, you won’t find me “trying” for a girl. Boys are fine by me. Don’t pity me and don’t feel sorry for me. It’s true; I’ll never get to be the “mother of the bride”, but look at it this way, I’lI only have to pay for the rehearsal dinners.

And I can use the money I save to help decorate that heavenly, penthouse suite.



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16 responses to “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

  1. I am the mother of four boys and all I have to say is “Amen sister!”

  2. VickiNicki

    Lucky for my mom, I’m not dramatic at all, and I never whine. Right, Mom?

  3. Awww that is just too sweet! Boys are great! I went on a hike with Dennis and Yasmine a few weeks back and Yasmine would NOT walk on the ground. Sometimes boys are good.

  4. Sis

    Booth seating is over-rated.

    And, to the above…..I plead the 5th.

  5. Hey girlie you guest post is up on my blog!

  6. I think a house full of boys sounds fun, as long as you have a full refrigerator!

    I enjoyed your guest post at My Sweet Life!

  7. This is great! As a boy mom, I can relate! And just so you know, a friend of ours just found out they are having their 5th boy! 😉

  8. Just seen your blog – great site. Great post; boys are fun but fun of enery and life!

  9. I wanted a girl so bad and when I delivered and they said congrats it is a boy and shrieked WHAT? It is suppose to be a girl. My first sonogram said a girl, I didn’t want to know at the second because I knew I would be devistated if I had a boy. I wanted a girl to raise to be an independent woman of her own kind. A woman who would be strong, a leader and a great business person.

    So I have a boy.

    A boy who is kind and respectful and loving. A boy who will help his wife with the dishes, laundry and a boy that will treat all women as equal and with respect.

    I suspect, you are raising those same kind of boys.

  10. As a mom of two sons, and no girls, I heartily concur with your post. My MIL is constantly nagging us to have a girl, and there are moments when I almost lose my patience with her. I am so happy with just 2 boys that I don’t miss having a girl at all. Not that I’d mind having one, it’s just that boys are fun and quirky and I don’t miss the intense drama that girls can bring to the table. 🙂

    Great post – I’m so glad I found your site!

  11. ooh, I forgot to mention I had visions of a brief case diaper bag…. instead I went to a business meeting in Boston with my own brief case, and as I pulled out a pen and notepad – a hot wheel car went flying across the table!

    Talk about a good opener.

  12. I was terrified when I got pregnant that we would have a boy. I don’t know anything about raising boys. All I’ve known growing up, were girl cousins and my little sister. I would have been lost.

    You make it sound fun to have boys though. So, I’ll look here for support if baby #2 turns out to be a boy.

  13. That is so cool! Our best friends have three boys, and they are a wonderful family.

    When we went to find out if our last child (the 4th) was a boy, so my son would have a little brother, and found out it was another girl. He was a little disappointed, but his baby sister and him are the best of friends. He was even more disappointed when I said, our family was complete, I’m on the other side of 35, now and I feel I am getting too old. Then my SIL had a little boy, and my son couldn’t be happier.

    So good for you! BTW~Found you through Kelsey!

  14. I enjoyed your blog!
    I am always amazed at what people say! Our oldest is a boy and then we had 4 girls when we finally had another boy everyone was excited that I finally got my “book end boy” (boy at the start boy at the end) imagine their surprise when we had 4 more children after the “bookend boy” 🙂
    Boys are lots of fun! And a whole lot less drama…..take it from a momma of 7 girls, my 3 boys are a piece of cake! (Don’t get me wrong I love my girls and their drama too) :}

  15. Kendra

    Just wanted to say thank you for this post. I found your blog today. As the mommy to two wonderful boys (3 1/2 and 14 mo), I am already getting asked about a third, trying for a girl, etc. I have struggled with the idea of #3 or not and your post was insightful and enlightening. Thank you and I look forward to reading more!

  16. my husband is one of four boys, and when we had our first- a son- i was sure it was destiny for me as well. however, two daughters later, now we laugh that “if” that fourth one comes along, it will probably be another sweet girl.

    but, there’s nothing in the world like a son. they love their mommas; they squeeze harder to say so.

    you’ll also have the advantage of daughter-in-laws, which my mother-in-law says is the greatest reward. i love her like my own, but appreciate her rich boy-history (unlike my own mother).

    your post was wonderful. and so are sons.

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