The Summertime Blues

I’ve been talking to a few friends lately about how I’ve been feeling a little melancholy. I think I might have some kind of reversed version of SAD, Seasonal Affective Depression. You know, where people get depressed in the wintertime because it’s dark and dreary and some sort of chemical change takes place in the brain due to the lack of sunlight. They even sell special light bulbs for those folks to sit under to ease their depression.

After a little research, it seems there is a summertime version of SAD and I appear to have most of the symptoms:

  • insomnia
  • poor appetite
  • weight loss
  • agitation
  • anxiety

Okay, well on second thought, I really don’t have trouble sleeping. And the poor appetite and weight loss don’t exactly seem to be problems either. Anxiety? No, I can’t really say I’m anxious about anything.

Agitation? Well, yes, I am agitated. I’m agitated that it’s so freakin’ HOT right now. Does that qualify me for summertime SAD?

Unfortunately, probably not, and on second thought, I think the heat is just making me act a little grumpier than usual. And I’m sure there aren’t enough special light bulbs in the world to help with that problem.



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3 responses to “The Summertime Blues

  1. Lisa

    Yeah, I was thinking I had that too, but maybe not — no appetite problem here other than it’s out of control!!!

  2. Jennifer

    Having just loaded and unloaded the van with groceries at 1:00 in the afternoon…I am grumpy too! But cheer up, winter will be here before you know it and we will be complaining about how cold we are!

  3. Here’s hopin’ the grumps go away soon! I know I’m not looking forward to our upcoming heat wave here in a couple of months.

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