Good Night, Love You, See You In the Morning

I love bedtime. And not for the “hoorah, the boys are going to bed and now the house will be quite” reasons. Although those are good reasons. I love bedtime because of our bedtime routines.

I’ve always been a big fan of bedtime rituals. Early on it was for the kids, but I can see as they’ve gotten older, that it’s really for me.

We typically let the boys spend a little time reading before lights out, and now that school has started back, lights out is taking place even earlier. Then we pray and tell each one “good night, love you, see you in the morning.” That’s our bedtime mantra. “Good night, love you, see you in the morning.” And because the boys each have their own room now, we have to go to each bedroom, and say it invidually, to each boy; sometimes several times because it’s important in our household to have the last word. I have no idea where the boys get that from. But since you can never have enough “good nights, love yous, and see you in the mornings”  it’s okay.

The other thing we typically do is sing. And while we don’t do this as often as we used to do when they were little, it’s still fun to pull this song out every now and then and make everyone sing along.

We sing the closing song from The Lawrence Welk Show. I looked everywhere online and couldn’t find a version of it anywhere. You Tube, you have let me down for the first time! But here are the words:

Goodnight, sleep tight, and pleasant dreams to you

Here’s a wish and a prayer that every dream comes true

And now ’til we meet again

Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehn

Good Night!

So, consider yourself “tucked in” as we wish you a “good night, love you and see you in the morning.”

What are your families’ bedtime rituals? Do you have special prayers, songs or sayings that you use to get the kids ready for bed? Please share what sends your children off to bed with sweet dreams!

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7 responses to “Good Night, Love You, See You In the Morning

  1. What a great post! Our bedtime rituals include a bath, “night night” book, prayers and tucking them in really well (with their special teddy bears). And then my daughter gets up 20 million times and has a thousand excuses why, but that’s okay – I only get onto her after 20 million and 1!

  2. Very sweet post! This is my first time to visit your blog…so hello!

    I also have all boys…3 and a husband. Sometimes, I just say I am a single mother of 4 boys. 🙂

    I never paid much attention to what we actually say at night, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I think we say exactly the same thing every night!
    How funny is that??

  3. I usually end up telling my son to go to bed multiple times – it seems and then he says good night like another 60 times before he actually gets to bed.

    Getting to bed has been a problem since birth.

    Bedtime is very frustrating to me.

  4. I remember that song, beautiful!

  5. My family’s version of the Lawrence Welk song started: “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite …”

    I try right now to vary our bedtime routine a bit with Dasha, since I don’t want to fall into the trap of her never being able to go to bed for anyone but me. Some constants, however, are a bedtime story (usually Goodnight Moon), and a lullaby (either John Denver’s “For Baby For Bobby” or Regina Spektor’s “The Call” from Prince Caspian).

    Even then, she STILL usually fusses every night for half an hour or more about bed. Don’t know where she gets that from, bedtime is my favorite time of the day!

  6. Lisa

    Ours is very similar – love you, see you in the morning. But we still walk in and kiss our kids good night and turn out the light. And probably will until they’ve gone off to college!

  7. we have always said, “good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” i still say it when i stay over at my dad’s house and sometimes i say it to my friends when we’re on vacation.

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