Surviving The First Week of School

Well, we managed to survive the first week of school!

Even though it started out with a flat tire on the first day, a call from the school nurse to pick up a sick child on the second, rushing to get a child to an early morning audition we had forgotten on the third day and a melt down over homework on the fourth.

This morning, on the fifth day, it was “all quiet on the back to school front.” I won’t ask what can wrong today, because it just might.

Hope your back to school transition has been a smooth one. And if you haven’t started yet, I hope all goes well.

For us it can only get better, and besides we’re already counting down to the first school break!

J heads off to the first day of fourth grade.

J heads off to the first day of fourth grade.



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3 responses to “Surviving The First Week of School

  1. I hope our first week isn’t so dramatic!
    We start September 2nd this year.

  2. Wow Yall are starting early we have another month!

  3. Oh My! Sounds like yall did have an interesting week! I hope today was smooth, and that it only gets better…

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