Congratulations! It’s Another Teenage Boy!

Happy Birthday G!

Today boy #2 is officially a “teenager”. Thirteen years ago I gave birth to our second son. It seems as if I blinked and thirteen years went by.

Thirteen. A baker’s dozen. A teenager.

One teenager in the house is quite enough, but now what am I to do with two of them? Teenage boys are something I wasn’t prepared for. I wasn’t ready for the flow of hormones that causes them to want to curl up and snuggle with you in your favorite chair and then ten minutes later causes them to hide in their rooms listening to music because they “just want to be alone.”  Okay, they’re just my little male versions of Greta Garbo.

And you want to know the best part? I’ve got one more to go!!!



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3 responses to “Congratulations! It’s Another Teenage Boy!

  1. Lisa

    Wow – Happy Birthday G!!!

  2. VickiNicki

    I remember when he was just a baby ….*Sniff, sniff*

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