Puppy Nickel Bread

WordPress has this wonderful feature where you can see what kind of web searches people have done that have led them to your blog. Most recently I was perplexed and then amused by one of those searches.

Evidently when you Google “puppy nickel bread” my blog shows up as one of the recommended web sites for that topic.

I know. It took me a minute, too.

I think someone was looking for pumpernickel bread, and because of my beer bread story that involved a puppy, somehow they were misguided directed to my blog.

Yes, I have googled the phrase, and no, I couldn’t find a link to my blog.

Which certainly causes me much consternation.

Have a great weekend!



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7 responses to “Puppy Nickel Bread

  1. Jennifer

    That is funny but what is funnier is the :Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) that is located right under your blog. It says, “CEDIA2008: Hitachi’s 50-inch Ultra Thin Plasma is Lord of the Booth”. What in the world does that have to do with puppies, beer and bread???

  2. Jennifer

    I had a thought…maybe Dave has infiltrated the internet and is trying to tell you that he bought a 50 inch plasma TV.

  3. SWEET!

    I’ve been asking for one of those!

  4. Jamie

    I googled it and you came up thats really funny!!!!

  5. Jamie

    I googled it and you came up! Thats really funny!!

  6. Hi Jackie!

    I saw your comment on our blog. How are y’all? Your boys are turning into men fast. I can’t believe how much they’ve changed since I moved away!

  7. haha that is too funny!

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