Bad Women Drivers

Women are consistently portrayed as inferior drivers, and I’ve never really been sure why. I pay more in insurance premiums for my teenage son to drive than do the parents I know who have teenage daughters, so the insurance industry doesn’t think females are worse drivers than males. In fact, statistically, male drivers are known to be more aggressive in their driving habits and therefore more likely to be involved in accidents.


As a female, I consider myself to be a good driver, and I often get my feathers ruffled when I hear jokes about bad women drivers. Besides, there has never really been any solid proof that most women are bad drivers, until now. And it saddens me to have to be the one to squeal on my own gender, but I can no longer remain silent.


Most women are terrible drivers!!!


And I have proof. It’s called the car pool line.


I have to sit through it every morning at my youngest son’s elementary school and watch women make bone-headed, discourteous, driving maneuvers morning after morning. It’s getting to the point where I am embarrassed to be a woman driver myself. Not that I can change that fact, but it pains me to watch these women day after day, who appear to be totally incapable of driving through a simple car pool line and dropping little Johnny or Susie off at the curb of the school.


It would seem as if every mother is intent on making sure they drop their child directly in front of the school door. Never mind that if you were to pull up 3-4 car lengths more several more cars could fit along the curb to deposit their valuable cargo as well.


And then there are the ones who have to stop their car, get out, and retrieve their child’s backpack from the trunk or some other part of the vehicle. What is that all about? Please make sure little Bobby has his backpack in his lap and his lunch box firmly tucked under his arm before you stop so he can make a quick exit from your vehicle. Remember, the rest of us are waiting on YOU!


Hugs and kisses? Sure! But please do that before you leave home or get one last smooch from your precious as you are sitting and waiting in line. Don’t do it while the rest of us are sitting there waiting on you so we can exit the parking lot. And definitely do NOT sit there and wave and blow kisses to your child until they have made it all the way into the building. Believe me, I understand your concern as a parent and that you want to know your child made it safely into the school, but that is why they have teachers and administrators standing out on the side walk every morning. Besides, if safety is that BIG a concern, then park your car and walk your little pookie to the door.


And if you do decide to walk in between the cars in the car pool line, please don’t shuffle and meander as slowly as humanly possible. Better yet, why don’t you cross at the designated cross walk. And if you can, still make it a quick walk across; we would appreciate it because some of us have jobs we need to get to.


Ladies, we’ve received a bad rap about driving since the invention of the automobile. Please don’t encourage the jokes and myths by living up to the stereotype. I’m not asking you to sacrifice the lip gloss or mascara application at the traffic light. I’m not asking that you refrain from balancing your Starbucks cup and cell phone during rush hour traffic. But I am asking you to move through the morning car pool line at your school as orderly, courteously and efficiently as possible.


Not only will you be helping to improve the traffic conditions in your school’s parking lot, you will be helping to improve the reputation of women drivers everywhere.


And I, for one, thank you!



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5 responses to “Bad Women Drivers

  1. Helen

    You’re so funny. I enjoy reading your entries! It is so true. I especially liked the part where you say…”then just park your car and walk your little pookie to the door.” Too funny.

  2. Jennifer

    It’s not any better at the high school either. The kids get out and then have to get their backpack, sports bag and equipment and/or musical instrument out of the trunk. Don’t even get me started on the new drivers that drive to school and then have to perform the “Chinese Firedrill” with their parents. After the child departs, we are waiting for parent to adjust the seat, mirrors, buckle up, put the car in drive and FINALLY pull away. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for kids driving to school but the fact that they stop right in front of the walkway and do all of this is about all I can handle at 7:50 am after only having one cup of caffeine!

  3. I totally agree! I was sooooo happy when my kids got out of grade school to middle school. Than BAM I got hit with it again. It is the same way there as well as the high school. I always do the good byes and kisses (kisses are rare these days) before we even get to the school. You know how uncool it is to do that with your mom at that age!

    As far as women as bad drivers, my eldest has unfortunatly proved that statistic over 3 times now and she will only be 20 this December. She now is on her own insurance policy, we can no longer afford to have her on ours.

  4. Lisa

    OMGsh!!! I had the same problem at my kids’ school when they were in elementary school! I thought I was going to lose my mind some morning/afternoons!

  5. VickiNicki

    There are people out there who without a doubt go at there own pace without any thought to those around them, but maybe you can look at it this way too while you are sitting there in the annoyingly slow line: That mom who’s getting an extra kiss from her baby boy or girl may not get a chance to give her precious child a kiss again when he/she gets home. Who knows what the day holds? Something tragic could happen in those 7-8 hours. I definitely agree and feel your pain when it comes to those who are snails to get their belongings together or walk in front of you. I remember driving to and from high school. It’s annoying! Especially at the end of a long day! But I admire the mom’s who try to fit in one more hug and kiss. Maybe they’re the one’s to remind us to slow down just a little.

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