I’ve “Fallen” and I Don’t Want to Get Up!

I moved my clocks back this past weekend. I “fell back” and I gained an hour, but where did it go. I think I lost it as a part of the hour and 45 minutes I spent watching “High School Musical 3: Senior Year.”

I’m not bitter, just tired. And I enjoyed the time I spent at the movie with my youngest son. We had one of our mom and son “dates.” He loves going out with me and having mom all to himself. And he wanted to watch Troy and Gabriella and the rest of the High School Musical gang in what is “supposed to be” their final movie. I say “supposed to be” because I doubt the creators of that franchise really want to have to shut down that money machine.

But seriously, I really don’t feel like I had an extra hour yesterday. It just got darker earlier.

In spite of the fact that it is pitch dark at 6 pm, I love this time of year. We’ve already built several fires in the fireplace and our coffee maker is working overtime to supply warm beverages. We celebrated Halloween with a big street party Friday night, sent our oldest off to his Homecoming Dance on Saturday night, I struggled to stay awake in church Sunday morning and fought back the urge to sing along during the movie Sunday afternoon. Somehow I even managed to avoid a Halloween candy coma this weekend, so things are looking pretty good.

And now we are staring straight into the face of Thanksgiving!

I love this time of year and the planning of the holidays is half the fun for me. I love putting together menus, decorating the house and having lots of friends and family over during this season. It’s a busy time, but I love the traditions we have created with our boys through the years. It’s always been a big deal to me to make sure that they grow up with good memories of the holidays. This year will be no different.

So with all this planning, decorating, memory making, cooking and baking I have coming up, that extra hour would have really come in handy. I won’t waste anymore time looking for it though. I’ll just move on and keep enjoying my time with family and friends; besides, come springtime I’ll just lose another hour anyway.

Happy Fall Y’all!

“Do not squander time for that is the stuff life is made of.” – Benjamin Franklin


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