On Tour

On Saturday, Sis and I spent the day enjoying our local holiday Tour of Homes. When I called earlier in the week to ask Sis if she wanted to accompany me on this little outing, she responded, “Sure, I’m up for coveting other people’s houses.”

So we did. But in a totally nice, complimentary way. I lost count of how many times I said, “Oh, that is soooo cute” or “How cool is that?”

It was a fun day and we did come away with some decorating ideas for the upcoming holidays. I was ready to go home and immediately drag out all my Christmas decorations, but I decided that I would need to wait because I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner and I don’t want my guests to think I’m one of those crazy people who puts up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.

Even though I usually am!

So I have targeted the Friday after Thanksgiving as my decorating day. Hubby doesn’t know it yet, but he will be pulling out the tree and many, many boxes of decorations we so can get our house ready for BooMama’s Christmas Tour of Homes. It’s not exactly like being in the homes yourself, but these ladies go all out decorating and taking pictures.

If you’re a blogger, I encourage you to join in. If not, then enjoy all the beautifully decorated homes and try not to covet too much! But if you do, just do it in a totally nice, complimentary way. It worked for us!




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2 responses to “On Tour

  1. Lisa

    Which tour did you guys do? Deb and I did the one in Woodstock…..LOVED the house in downtown Woodstock – my FAVE!

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