5 Things Friday

I thought I would try something new this year, and because I’m not a fan of resolutions, it’s not a resolution, or a promise to be consistent. Although I will try. It’s more of a goal and to give me something to write about. At least one day a week. Because I know my faithful readers have come to expect sporadic postings and I’m looking to shake things up a bit.

I know. You’re thinking just get on with it already, but I like to build things up. Create a little anticipation. So you will be totally let down. And possibly disappointed.


Each Friday I’m going to (try to) pick 5 random things to talk about. It may be 5 things that are connected somehow or 5 things that have absolutely nothing at all to do with each other. It may be 5 of my favorite (fill in the blank) or it may be 5 things that I think you can’t live without or 5 pieces of useless trivia. You never know, so check back each Friday to see what the 5 things are.

Riveting, I know!

This week I’m going to share 5 movies with you that I keep in my TiVo library, so I can watch them anytime I want. And I often do. If there is one (or more) that you have never seen, then rent it immediately. You cannot be living a fulfilled life if you haven’t seen all these movies.

  1. Rebecca: Probably my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie. It’s based on a Daphne Du Maurier book that I read when I was in 7th or 8th grade. One of the things I find interesting is that you never find out the leading character’s first name. She’s just known as (the second) Mrs. De Winter. And Mrs. Danvers is a wonderfully, creepy character! Just what you would expect from Hitchcock. Some extra trivia – Daphne Du Maurier also wrote a short story called “The Birds” which should also sound familiar to all you Hitchcock fans.
  2. Tombstone: Oh my goodness, Kurt Russell AND Val Kilmer? It doesn’t get any better than that! I love westerns and this is one I can watch over and over again. There are lots of great quotes in this movie AND the good guys win in the end. “I’m your huckleberry…”
  3. The Last of the Mohicans: Some of my favorite movies are those that have story lines intertwined with history. This movie, based on the novel by James Fenimore Cooper, uses the French and Indian War as the backdrop for the love story between Hawkeye (and I’m not talking M.A.S.H. here people) and Cora Munro, the daughter of a British general. Hawkeye is played to perfection by the dashing Daniel Day-Lewis. Parts of this movie were filmed in the mountains of NC near where I was born and the scenery is breathtaking. Even more breathtaking is the line in the movie when Hawkeye tells Cora, “I will find you. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far, I will find you.”  Be still my heart!
  4. To Kill A Mockingbird: Best. Movie. Ever! I love me some Scout and Jem. This is another movie based on a book. I read this one sometime around middle school as well. Another bit of extra trivia: Robert Duvall made his acting debut in this movie as Boo Radley. His character always kind of creeped me out as a kid, but as an adult and a parent I have a whole new respect for Boo. And Mr. Duvall is one of my all time favorite actors! I’ve seen this movie many times and each time I watch it I love it more.
  5. Ok. I know you are probably saying to yourself how glad you are we finally made it to number 5. Well, it was worth the wait….drum roll, please. Keep in mind these movies are in no particular order. It’s a totally random list. Ok. Ok. Number 5 is…”I feel the need; the need for speed!” Top Gun. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. If you know anything about me, you know that I am totally a girl of the 80’s and this movie was HOT in 1986! I’ve never been a big fan of Tom Cruise and even less so these days, but speaking of hot we have the “Iceman” Val Kilmer (again) and who didn’t think Anthony Edwards was just adorable as Mother Goose. Probably the last time you could call Anthony Edwards adorable, because it was just a few short years later that he lost his hair. And his chin. Too bad. But that beach volleyball scene has held up well over the years. Just sayin’.

So there you have it. Five of my favorite movies in my TiVo library and the first installment of “5 Things Friday.”

If this list list didn’t bore you to tears, come back next Friday and I’ll try to do a better job. Of boring you. To tears.

Tell me your favorite movie or give me a movie recommendation in the comments. I’m always looking for some good entertainment!

Have a great weekend!



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2 responses to “5 Things Friday

  1. Wendi

    I totally agree with your 5 choices.. (especially Rebecca) but will add a couple. I ALWAYS watch Blast From the Past when it is on TV. It has a wonderful cast including Brendan Fraser, Alicia Silverstone, Christopher Walken and who could forget Sissy Spacek. I never fail to be thoroughly entertained when I watch this one. And who could forget Pride and Prejudice. I have two daughters and we love watching this period flick. I have at least 3 different versions and love them all. Any one will do when we want to curl up together and enjoy a chick-flick! Keep the 5 for Fridays coming!

  2. Suzanne

    Two that you must watch (if you never have):
    1. “The Turning Point” with Ann Bancroft and Shirley Maclaine. This is the movie where Mikhail Baryshnikov made his screen debut. This is the story of two women whose lives started out the same but ended up in very different places. Deedee (MacClaine) left her promising dance career to become a wife and mother and now runs a ballet school in Oklahoma. Emma (Bancroft) stayed with the dance company and became an international star. But now as her career is coming to an end, she finds herself alone. The two have been brought back together by Deedee’s daughter who is a ballet prodigy who joins the company that Emma dances with. Now looking back, both think they want what the other has. The story is about how we are where we are in life because of the choices WE make. The movie is set against the backdrop of professional ballet, but it’s not necessarily about ballet. This is probably my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!

    2. “Broadcast News” with Holly Hunter, William Hurt, and Albert Brooks. The film revolves around three characters who work in network television news. Jane Craig (Hunter) is a talented producer. She tries to conceal how important it is for her to be found sexually attractive by a handsome man who epitomizes everything about television news that appalls her. Jane’s best friend and frequent collaborator, Aaron Altman (Brooks), is a gifted writer and reporter, ambitious for on-camera exposure. He is secretly in love with Jane, but embittered by her rejection of him. Tom Grunick (Hurt), a local news anchorman, was up until recently a sports anchorman. He’s charismatic and telegenic but denied self-respect due to his intellectual limitations, of which he is all too aware. He is attracted to Jane, although he is also intimidated by her skills and intensity. The emotional triangle formed by these three disparate people and their different career paths form the basis for the film’s storyline. (I cut & pasted that re-cap!) Anyway, it’s a GREAT movie. There are parts that will have you laughing out loud!

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