Dinner Time Conversations

Experts say that the most important thing families can do to stay connected is to eat dinner together on a regular basis. We do, but based on recent dinner time conversations, I don’t know if it is having the intended effect on my family.

These are snippits of recent conversations from our dinner table.

The players: Son #1 (age 16), Son #2 (age 13) and Son #3 (age 9)

Son #2: Mom, what does “going to hell in a hand basket” mean?

Me: It’s just an expression.

Son #2: Yeah, but what does it mean?

Son #3: It just means you’re going to hell.


Son #3: I’m going to be surprised when I get to heaven and see my family there.

Me: Don’t you mean excited? You’re going to be “excited” to see your family in heaven.

Son #1: No, I think he’s in for a few surprises, mom.


Hubby: What kind of baked beans are these?

Me (who doesn’t eat baked beans): I don’t know. They’re baked beans.

Hubby: Yeah, but are they homestyle or regular?

Me: I don’t know. They came in a can and it said baked beans on the side of it. Does it matter?

Hubby: Well, yeah. There is a difference.

Son #1: Yeah, these taste funny.

Son #3: Don’t worry everybody, they’ll still make you fart.


Ah, those precious moments that family memories are made of.                   Bon Appetit!



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4 responses to “Dinner Time Conversations

  1. VickiNicki

    Hahaha!!! “They’ll still make you fart!” Love it! That one made me laugh out loud at work. All 3 of your sons are pretty funny. 🙂

  2. Melinda

    I can hear ’em now! Never a dull moment at your household, huh? Love ’em all.

  3. I do so miss those dinner conversations. My three 13, 14, and 20 no longer sit together at dinner. We are no longer home at the same time to eat together.

    Not a dull dinner at your house! Still make you fart, totally too funny.

  4. i LOVE the first and the last!

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