Another Milestone

Last week was Spring Break for our boys and I took the week off to stay home and do a little spring cleaning and to hang out with my “men.”

One of them deserted me, though. The oldest felt like he would have a better time going to the beach with his girlfriend and her family. Go figure.

I wasn’t really keen on the whole idea at first. I like my chicks to be in the nest when I’m around, but as M has started reminding me on a regular basis lately, “He’s not a baby any more.”

As his lanky, 6-foot-tall frame hovers over me as he speaks, I realize that he has a point.

However! I’m still the mom! So I did what every good mother does in these types of situations and used it as a way to get him to improve a grade in a specific class that has proved to be a challenge to him. We told him that if he didn’t raise the grade to an agreed upon letter in the alphabet, he would not be going to the beach. With his girlfriend.

Ah! Motivation at its best. I’m proud to say he succeeded in achieving the academic goal we all agreed upon and he spent a (well chaperoned) week on vacation with another family.

It made me realize that we are not the entirety of his world any more. At age 17, there are times when he would rather not be with his family. While that realization is not easy to accept, I am getting better at handling it. And I am learning to appreciate the moments that we do get to spend together as a family, because I know that as my boys continue to grow they will want to spent more time outside the nest.

And that’s something this mother hen will just have to get used to.



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3 responses to “Another Milestone

  1. Helen Mitchell

    Wow, that’s a reality check. Ouch. But true… makes you want to really make sure the nest-times are good times. Good one!

  2. Sharon

    Oh, Jackie, well-said my friend. I absolutely loved reading this, especially since I am the mother of the “girl”(for those who don’t know)! You are so right. Their world becomes quite a bit bigger than us at certain magic ages, and it is many times hard for us ole’ moms to handle (and dads, too, I think). Growing never stops for any of us. The week was fun and went well–thanks for trusting your oldest chick in our care and sharing him with us!

  3. Lisa

    Wow – well put. And it was about time for another blog – I had not seen a post in quite a long time. Facebook seems to have taken over your “blogging” time!

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