Is It Safe?

There is a whole lot of talk about the safety issues of talking on cells phones while driving. And now we have to worry about TWD (texting while driving). Both of which I am guilty. Although, I will say that I use my speaker phone/hands free feature almost exclusively while talking  and I almost always text while sitting at red lights. I know – I said almost.

I am a huge advocate of safe driving, but I also have to admit that talking on the phone and texting are probably the least of my safe driving violations. In fact, while talking to Sis the other day, she reminded me of some of the things we used to do while driving.

Of course the first two things I perfected while driving were eating and drinking. That may not seem like a big deal, but it was to me at age 16, especially in a car with no cups holders (’66 Ford Mustang). I did finally resort to one of those cup holders that you have to roll your window down to hang on the door. Yes, I was VERY cool!

Later I impressed passengers with my ability to eat and drink while driving… a five speed! It is not easy to juggle a drink, fries, a steering wheel and a gear shifter all at the same time. It’s a gift, people. A gift!

I was also able to remove my t-tops and throw them in the back seat on sunny days while sitting at traffic lights. I had actually forgotten about this, but Sis reminded of this talent because evidently she was in car with me one time when I did it. What can I say? I like to feel the wind in my hair.

And as a woman driver I have applied make-up while driving. I don’t really recommend doing this unless there is a cosmetic emergency. Trying to apply lip stick and mascara are both dangerous activities to attempt while driving. So unless you want lips that look Bozo the Clown or want to risk losing an eye, I say put on your face at home in the safety of your bathroom. Besides, the lighting is much better there!

I think the riskiest maneuver (on many levels) that I ever made while driving was removing my pantyhose in a car with a manual transmission. In rush hour traffic. My only defense is that it was a hot summer afternoon and my air conditioner wasn’t working. Or maybe I had taken the t-tops out at the last intersection. Who knows? Either way, I realize it was a risky move and not the safest thing to do while driving.

So when you see me coming in my big SUV, texting and talking on the phone (hands free!), let me put your mind at ease by saying, I hardly ever wear pantyhose any more!

How do you multi-task while driving? Tell us in the comments.



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5 responses to “Is It Safe?

  1. Lisa

    Mmmm…I actually think you have definitely beat me on this one Jackie. I’m tame compared to you!

  2. Lee

    I am so guilty of multi-tasking while driving! Manual transmission and all. I do use my hands free when driving, but am also guilty of texting, mostly at red lights as you stated.
    I have put on make up, fixed my hair, ALSO removed pantyhose while driving. I have even changed my clothes! Imagine that sight!
    Oh well, we do what we have to, just try to be “safe”.

  3. Melinda

    I’m with you on these girlfriend! I think I’ve actually done most of these myself – manual and automatic transmissions though!

  4. Sis

    ALL of that, plus reaching in the back to get the cassette tape case, making a selection (easier because they were in ABC order), swapping it with the one from the tape deck, then putting it all back away. We are sooo talented!

  5. Jennifer

    I really hope my kids don’t stumble onto this blog, but one time Bill and I changed drivers while driving down the road. What was helpful was that we were both quite thinner back then!

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