Wordless Wednesday – A Birthday Trio

Last month was my birthday. And not just any birthday. It was special because I was able to celebrate with the two people who share my birthday: my Daddy and my Aunt J (his younger sister). Through the years we have never been able to be together on our birthdays, so this was a first. And maybe a last. Time and distance makes it difficult for us to get together this time of year. Regardless, it was a precious time of celebration and I will be forever grateful that we were able to be together on our birthdays!


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3 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – A Birthday Trio

  1. What a treasure! I can see the family resemblance, too! Happy WW!

  2. It’s so nice that you can celebrate together!

  3. Aunt Jo

    When I checked my email this morning prior to coming in to work; what a pleasant surprise to see that my precious niece cared enough and thought enough of “us” to post the note and picture. This weekend that we spent together alongside the rest of this immediate family was a “gift I gave myself”. Last year our birthday was on Easter; how special was that – to share the day of our “Risen Savior” – and, then this year to be allowed to share with one another. We may not have this chance again “here”, but we had this weekend, this birthday, this time. Thank you “sweet Jackie” for welcoming me, giving of your time and energy – but, most of all “for this time together.”

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