The Last First Day

Today was the first day of my oldest son’s senior year of high school. I really thought it would take longer for this day to get here. I never imagined the day I took him to kindergarten, dropped him off in the car pool line, parked my car, and secretly followed him to his classroom, that this day would arrive so quickly.

But it did.

I blinked and my first baby was towering over me saying goodbye, and driving away to start his final year in the public school system.

I’m excited for him as he begins this final chapter. I’m hopeful for the future that lies ahead of him, and I am grateful for the opportunities that we have been able to provide for him.

I realize that if the years leading up to this moment have passed so quickly, this year will probably be a mere blip on the radar of time. I also realize that this is just the beginning of many “last times.”

It won’t, however, be the last time I shed a few tears!

This is dedicated to all my friends who have high school seniors this year. And a big thank you to my dear friend Twila who was the inspiration for today’s blog title.


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