Intentional Southern Girl Meets Accidental Country Girl

When I started blogging a few years ago, I had a few “must read” blogs that I visited and read with regularity. One of those blogs belonged to a fellow redhead who calls herself The Pioneer Woman. Little did I know where reading a few posts from her site each week would lead.

I started with the chapter by chapter story of how she met the man of her dreams and it was’t long before I was hooked by the daily pictures and updates of her rural existence.

Somewhere along the way she and I took very different paths with our blogs. I flew below the radar, choosing to avoid the limelight, while she grew her readership with witty writing, breathtaking photography and recipes that would make you slap your mama. I’m still trying to figure out where I went wrong.

Pioneer Woman, or PW as all her close friends call her, has taken her blogging success to the next level. She took some of her most popular recipes, photos and stories and married them all together into a best selling cookbook called “The Pioneer Woman Cooks – Recipes From An Accidental Country Girl.”

She has been on a self-proclaimed Griswold Family book signing tour over the past few weeks and as luck would have it, she visited a city close to me last night. And I got to meet her. And she signed my book. And more importantly, she told me I didn’t look as old as I actually am. I’ve decided she can be my friend.

Well, right back at you PW! In fact, maybe your next book should be one that shares your country girl beauty secrets. Until then, I’ll keep reading your blog, trying out your recipes and following your life (in a totally non-stalkerish kind of way) through the fantastic photos and stories you share with us.

And just to think – if I had tried harder, I might be the one autographing a bestseller and enjoying and all that fame and fortune.


Congratulations on your success, PW, and thanks for coming to town.

I forgot my camera (gasp!) so the only pictures I have of last night’s event are from  the thoughtful gals in line behind us. The cute, little blonde with me is my friend, Andi, who is just as big a stalker fan of Pioneer Woman as I am. We had an awesome time!

Meeting Pioneer Woman - she's very friendly!

"Ok girls, chins out and shoulders back." We had a good laugh over that.



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6 responses to “Intentional Southern Girl Meets Accidental Country Girl

  1. YAY she mentioned you on her site today and I HAD to say hello because I am a boy mom and your blog title instantly caught my attention! thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hi, came across your blog on PW’s post. From one mom to 3 boys to another….Happy New Year.

  3. Just popped over from Pioneer Woman’s blog. I’m SO jealous you got to meet her. Apparently Canada wasn’t on the book tour. Shame, because she’s also one of my favourites. Nice to bump into another “Only Girl”!

  4. Ruth w.

    Wow! two redheads! Great shot!

  5. Gotta love a shout-out! My sitemeter stats are gonna be so skewed … in a good way. It was a fun night. And, who knows, maybe one day I’ll be waiting in line to get you to sign your book for me. I think it should be about surviving in a house full of testosterone. ; ) I need tips.

  6. Got here from PW – as with the other mom’s above me, the title caught my eye. I am yet one more mom of 3 boys surviving the insanity!

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