How to Tell If You Live In a House Full of Boys

  • Your toilet seats are always up.

 I have been baptized, by immersion, in my own toilets in the middle of the night more times than I care to recall.

  •  You have a full arsenal of weapons.

Should our house ever come under attack, we are fully prepared with an armory of air soft and nerf guns, as well as a complete supply of plastic swords and knives of all shapes and sizes. Should the battle take an inter-galactical turn, we are prepared with numerous light sabers.

  •  Your washing machine has a special setting for “camo.”

 I wash a lot of camouflage clothing, and we don’t hunt. In fact we have enough to outfit a small army. See the item above to understand the need for so much camo.

  •  You purchase milk and cereal in bulk quantities.

 We go through more gallons of milk and boxes of cereal in a week than I can count. I have watched an entire box of cereal disappear within 45 minutes of entering our home. Our boys firmly believe that “cereal isn’t just for breakfast anymore” because they eat it night and day.

These are just a few of the things that I have found that indicate a household full of boys. I’m sure all you moms of boys have others. What are your tell-tell signs that a boy lives in your home?


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One response to “How to Tell If You Live In a House Full of Boys

  1. I can SO relate! I have 4 boys, and I am glad to hear that mine is not the only house that goes through cereal and milk as if it is the only food on the planet. (It’s almost embarrassing…) We also have a million and a half lego pieces: lego ships, lego star wars, and kenex all over the place. I am convinced that legos are worse than using glitter in the wind–we will be finding them for years to come.

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