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Longing for the Terrible Twos

I am so excited that I could squeal like a little girl!!! Okay, I just did, but thankfully no one was around to hear.

What has me all worked up?

Well, I am today’s featured blogger over at 5 Minutes for Mom. Come on over and see why I’d rather wrestle a toddler, who is in the throws of a tantrum, to the ground, than sit and watch my 16 year old son pull out of the driveway each day.

You can read the rest of the post here.

Have a super weekend!



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Today is Tuesday, You Know What That Means…

On the original Mickey Mouse Club, every Tuesday was “Special Guest Day!”

Today I have the distinct pleasure of being a “special guest” writer over at “My Sweet Life”. And sweet this gal is.  She is witty in her writing and her photography is outstanding. She even shares tips on how to improve our picture taking skills!

So click over and check out her blog and don’t forget to leave some love in the comments section because there are prizes involved, people!!!


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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Trouble Walking

Today is the last day of Special Guest Writer Week. I want to thank all the writers who partcipated and the readers who left comments for my guests. I’m hoping this little exercise will convince some of them to go on and create their own blogs.

Today’s guest actually does have a blog. He is the youth pastor at our church and writes about the stuff that goes on in his life as well as some thoughtful devotions. You can find more Thoughts from Terry over at The Encounter.

Thanks again and I’ll be back on Monday with more of my own thoughts. About stuff.




Waking up, even though I do consider myself to be a morning person, can be a challenge sometimes.  I assume that even the best of us, who enjoy the morning time, can have difficulty getting started some days.


I was having one of those days. 


Another factor in my life right now is a small, but manageable, challenge that makes mornings even more interesting. I am just a few weeks out from having had knee surgery. So let’s just say that my knee is a tad bit stiff in the mornings, which makes getting up and moving, let alone moving fast, a little harder these days.


So, on a recent morning, I got out of bed and moved into our master bathroom to get myself ready for the day ahead.  I bathed, shaved, brushed the choppers, and had my clothes in hand. As a side note – it’s been becoming less and less difficult to get dressed since my knee surgery, but I still find that it is much safer and simpler to put on my knee brace while sitting on our bed. 


As I opened up the bathroom door to hobble, yes I said hobble, (and keep that visual in mind as you read on) to the bed I looked up and saw smoke. 




What? “Don’t panic”, I told myself. Yeah, right. 


I threw down my clothes and yelled to my wife, who was in the living room watching T.V. with our daughter, “Smooooke!”  I saw smoke, and we all know that where there is smoke there is usually fire! 


So I ran sprinted skipped, oh whatever one does when you’ve just had knee surgery three weeks earlier, to the other side of the bed. I was preparing myself to deal with the flames I thought I was about to encounter. I was also already going through my mind how to get my family out of the house and dial 911 at the same time. The adrenalin was pumping!


When I got to the other side of the bed I discovered the source of the “fire”. It seems that at some point in the middle of the night my lovely bride had turned on the humidifier, which was doing what humidifiers do. It was sending up big clouds of steam.


I took a deep breath. Of the calming steam. And waited for my heart rate to return to normal. I was relieved that everything was ok.


I also took a moment to think about how awkward I must have looked for those brief moments when I was trying to get to the other side of my bedroom, and I laughed. Then, realizing that all was well, I gingerly moved back to the other side of the bed and began to listen to the birds singing away outside as they do every day. I chuckled once again and went about my day.


So, what can be learned from this? Well, first of all ask your spouse to never turn on a humidifier in the middle of the night without letting you know. Otherwise the local fire department may be called to put out the ‘fire”.


And secondly, if you are going to run around your bedroom like a mad man yelling “smoke” and trying to put out an imaginary fire while doing the “stop, drop and roll” dance, don’t do it just three weeks after knee surgery.

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The Mystery of the Empty Egg and other Miscellaneous Missing Items

Okay, back to Special Guest Writer Week. Thanks for indulging me yesterday as we celebrated a special birthday. Today you get hear from the birthday boy’s mother herself. Sometimes I forget what’s it’s like to have a preschooler around the house, but then Sis reminds me. And once again it makes me really glad it’s her and not me!



Some months ago, someone (and I don’t remember who) bought my 4 year old a small canister filled with a pink gel/putty substance.  Now, what makes this gel/putty stuff special, and supposedly fun, is that when you mash it down into the canister it makes a noise.  This noise is similar to a bodily noise that, shall we say, might come from the southern region of the body.  Delicate enough?  I thought so. 


After many days of fun and giggles, I found the canister.  Empty.  I asked, he shrugged, I asked, he said, “I dont know.”


Fast forward a few months.  Enter into my life, I mean my 4 year old’s life, a pink egg.  Yep, you know the one.  The Silly Putty Egg. (And by the way, I KNOW who bought this one, and I keep it fresh in his mind!)  A fun day was had by all teaching said 4 year old to smush, bounce, squeeze, shape, and I even believe a newspaper got involved.  Although, I think I remember it not working so well on black and white comics – you really need color comics.  But anyway, the next morning while tidying up, I find half an egg.  Yep, you got it!  Empty.  Sigh.  I ask. He says, “I don’t know.” I ask. He shrugs.


That was a busy week.  You know the kind, where you just toss up the covers instead of actually making the bed every morning.  Keep in mind, all the while, I’m still asking, and he’s still shrugging.  After several days of “making” the bed in this fashion, I notice that the covers have become lopsided.  I set in to actually make the bed.  I throw back the comforter to straighten the sheet.Only, the two seem to move as one.  I peel them apart, and what do I see?




All over, between the sheet and comforter.  After my initial investigation, I conclude that this is indeed, Silly Putty.


I call down the stairs to my precious 4 year old telling him to come to my room.  He arrives, I call him over to the side of the bed.  I ask him if he sees anything.  He looks around asking, “What?” 


Then, he spots it.  He freezes. Doesn’t move a muscle, and stays that way for a long few seconds.  I’m watching his face, and he has a complete look of “uh-oh” written all over it.  I can tell the wheels are spinning, and before I know what hit me, he spins around with a huge smile on his face and in the most excited voice exclaims, “We found it!” 


I lost it.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  He totally saved himself with his quick thinking. And his cuteness.


And, just so you know, I googled Silly Putty removal.  It is suggested to scrape the globs off, then use WD-40 to get the pink out, then use alcohol to get the WD-40 out, then launder to get the alcohol out. 


Or, place in garbage bag, and go shopping. Which is exactly what I did.


It’s now been 6 months or so, and as you know, the silly putty mystery has been solved. But remember that noisy gel/putty substance?  I still ask every now and then. He still shrugs.  It still has not made its reappearance, although I do still hear it around here occasionally.


TMI?  I thought so, too.


Have a good day ya’ll.  


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Wordless Wednesday – Wide Eyed Wonder

Welcome to Special Guest Writer Week. All week you are being treated to some special posts from some special hand picked (by me!) writers. Today I have enlisted a guest photographer for Wordless Wednesday (and yes, I realize there are more words here than probably should be, which kind of negates the whole wordless part, but bear with me). Today’s special guest is my Sis and this picture is of my nephew from their recent visit to the Georgia Aquarium. Please leave her a comment and I’ll make sure to pass it along. Thanks and happy WW!

For more Wordless Wednesday pictures, visit 5 Minutes For Mom.


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Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Welcome to Day 2 of Special Guest Writer Week. Today’s guest is probably one of the most creative people I know and I have the pleasure of seeing his creativity unfold week after week. He is a true movie buff and I enjoy trading movie quotes with him on a regular basis. He has asked to remain anonymous and I will honor that request, however, he sometimes goes by the name Chris Gaines. (wink, wink) Again, leave some comments and feedback for my guest and I’ll pass it along.


I’m not sure, but I’m thinking that creativity and ingenuity in feature filmmaking gave way to marketing 101.  When this happened officially, I don’t know.  But, the formula is clear: take something from the childhood of the people who pay for movie tickets, and re-make it into a feature film.  This way, the children of the 70’s and 80’s can bask in the glory of days gone by, and educate their children on the finer things in life at the same time. And all for the low price of $9 a person, plus food.  Those finer things, by the way, are “Transformers”, “Speed Racer”, “Indiana Jones”, “Get Smart”, and so on.


This got me thinking – what other films need to be made as icons from my childhood? (By the way, I am 42, although I look much younger in photographs… well, photographs that I’ve played with in Photoshop).  Here’s my list:


1)     “Hong Kong Phooey” – why this hasn’t become a feature yet, I’ll never know.

2)     “Grape Ape” – come on, we’ve had 2 “King Kongs”, and “Dunsten Checks In” – I think the purple primate deserves a turn.

3)     “Leave it To Beaver” – isn’t there at least one cute Culkin kid left for this one?

4)     “Snoopy, The Movie” – We’ve had all the TV specials, Ice Capade shows, “Snoopy Come Home”, and the stage show, “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”.  How about a feature film giving the beagle the cinemascope credit he deserves in full live action – no animation – real actors.  I know the obvious choices for the lead would be any number of musical artists with “dog” somewhere in their names, but I’m leaning towards the dog from “Underdog, cause I really liked his voice.  If not him, then the one from the Bush’s baked beans commercials.

5)     “The Partridge Family” – I’m liking Michelle Pfeiffer as the mom (remember, she sang in “Hairspray” and it wasn’t half bad), and between “American Idol” cast-offs and “High School Musical” leftovers, casting the rest of the family members couldn’t take more than a day.  Rueben Kincade?  Why, Kelsey Grammer, of course.  (Maybe this could get him out of having to do that Fox show.)  My only request – have a different kid play Chris in every scene. 


I should stop now – I want to take some time to seriously think about what model and make of car could carry the thespian dynamics of “Speed Buggy”.



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The Manly Art of Shopping

Welcome to Special Guest Writer Week. First up is someone near and dear to my heart. He is my biggest fan and has been my most loyal reader since I started blogging. I am happy to provide him an opportunity to get a few things off his manly chest about women and shopping.  Ladies and Gentlemen – My Hubby.


As a general rule, Real Men don’t like to go shopping. The thought of spending several hours browsing through the sales racks looking for the perfect cable knit sweater, this year’s shoes or a European Man Bag that goes well with both of them is enough to send most men into spasms of terror. Real Men, you see, do not shop. Real Men buy. We know what we want before we arrive at the store. We go straight to that item, make a final determination as to its quality and value and we buy it.


We are even less interested in shopping with our wives or girlfriends. Accompanying the love of your life on a clothes shopping trip is like tap dancing through a minefield with oversized clown shoes on. It ain’t gonna end up real well for anybody.


Why, you ask, do we not like to shop? First, we are relegated to the bench (Real Men hate sitting on the bench) near the changing room as you try on a seemingly endless variety of outfits. Second, we have to suffer the indignity of watching your purse. Ladies, if we’re never supposed to look inside your purse, why do you ask us to guard it for you? Finally, we are likely to be asked our opinions on the relative merits of your clothing choices. Our opinions will be wrong, reflecting either a complete lack of fashion sense or the fact that our tastes are hopelessly stuck in the 1980’s.


There is one major exception to the Real Man’s aversion to shopping. Once a year, we embrace the concept and spend hours and hours browsing the paper and reading up on the items on our list, preparing for the big shopping day. We do our internet research, discuss our choices with the guys at the office and agonize about making a decision that can impact our lives for years to come. This is one important shopping trip. It’s our version of Black Friday, the day that kicks off the Christmas shopping season.


This past weekend, the National Football League conducted its annual draft. It’s the time when all NFL teams have the opportunity to replenish their rosters with young, talented players and provide their fans with hope for the coming season. A successful draft can change a team’s fortunes overnight, turning a hapless collection of losers into Super Bowl contenders. Real Men across the country spent hours glued to the TV and internet, watching the “merchandise” fly off the shelf.


Here in Atlanta, we had a particularly good shopping trip. After suffering through the worst season in recent memory, punctuated by the felony, dog fighting, conviction of Mike Vick, Falcons fans were thrilled to find Matt Ryan, the excellent quarterback from Boston College and Sam Baker, a mammoth left tackle from USC in their shopping cart within the first few hours. The Falcons also grabbed a linebacker and an extra wide receiver as an impulse purchase on their way to the checkout aisle. Before the NFL could ask, “paper or plastic,” Falcons’ fans were cheering their good fortune and looking forward to the coming season with renewed optimism.


After this weekend, I have a whole new appreciation for the allure of the shopping trip. I think I understand why you ladies get such a thrill out of finding the perfect pair of red, open-toed Jimmy Choo’s that go great with that knockoff Prada handbag that you found last month at the Asian market. I might even go with Wifey the next time she goes shopping.


Just as long as I don’t have to watch her purse.


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