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All You Need Is Love and a Little Compassion

For the past few weeks I have been following the stories of several Christian bloggers who traveled to Uganda to witness, first hand, the ministry work of a group called Compassion. Their goal was to not only call attention to the plight of the children in Uganda, and around the world, but to also to focus on how Compassion is rescuing these children from poverty and introducing them to Jesus. Ultimately they want to see as many children as possible receive sponsorships.

February has been “Share Your Love” for Compassion Blog month. I know that February is almost over so thank goodness there are 29 days this year because we are joining Compassion in February 2008 by becoming sponsors.

We, as a family, decided to sponsor a child – a boy in fact. His name is Rung. He is 8 years old and he lives in Thailand. We will receive our information packet in approximately 15 days, so I’m sure as we learn more about Rung, so will you.

For now, we will pray for the new addition to our family and we encourage you to visit Compassion and consider sponsoring a child yourself. Where else can you go and what else can you do for only $32 a month that will bring hope, love and compassion to a child’s life?

Meet Rung!!!




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